Wade-Hahn Chan

Games inspire me because I believe video games are the new great art medium of the Internet age. Video games are a confluence of design, sound, art that provide a wholly unique experience where the audience is an active participant.

Along with a professional ethic honed by my years as a political and entertainment print journalist, Iíve worked these influences into my career as a designer at Zenimax Online Studios on The Elder Scrolls Online and at Bioware Austin on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Working on games is immensely satisfying because I can draw from my eclectic tastes and wide array of experiences to provided me a strong base of experience for creatively forward thinking work.

You can read my full resume below along with downloads in either Microsoft WordMicrosoft Word or Adobe PDFAdobe PDF formats. Feel free to contact me at wade@wadehahnchan.com with any additional questions or comments. Thanks for stopping by!


  • Level Editors/Engines:

    HeroEngine (3 years), Unreal Engine 3 (2 years), Unity3d (1 year), Hammer/Half-Life Source Engine (1 year), TES Construction Kit/G.E.C.K. - Fallout 3 (1 year), Torque X Builder (1 year)

  • Scripting:

    Code-based Scripting (TESScript, UnrealScript, Lua, C#, HTML/CSS), Visual/Entity-based scripting (Unreal Kismet, Source Engine, HeroEngine)

  • Management/Documentation:

    Level Design Documents, Game Design Documents, Asset Databases, SCRUM


HTMLHTML Microsoft WordWord Adobe PDFAdobe PDF

Wade-Hahn Chan
Level Designer / Scripter

U.S. & Canadian Citizen

location: Cockeysville, Maryland, United States
email: wade@wadehahnchan.com
skypeid: wadehahnchan
phone: 703.725.2671

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