ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE / Zenimax Online Studios

Website: http://elderscrollsonline.com/

JOB TITLE: Content Designer
PROJECT TIME: April 2012-Present
ENGINE: HeroEngine


The Elder Scrolls Online is the next chapter in the two decade old, highly successful Elder Scrolls role-playing game series. TESO is a massively multiplayer online game where thousands of players can experience the world of the Elder Scrolls together. The game includes a massive world to explore, an open skill system, first person combat, and open Alliance versus Alliance PvP combat.


+ Content Designer for Massively Multiplayer Online Game set in the Elder Scrolls fantasy world
+ Documented, designed and implemented player critical and group content
+ Created and scripted dynamic boss encounters, player-usable assets and abilities
+ Scripted cinematic scenes, wrote and edited dialogue
+ Worked closely with level designers, programmers, artists and writers