INFINITY / Unreal Tournament 3


ROLE: Personal Project
ENGINE: Unreal Engine 3
GAME TYPE: First-person, multiplayer shooter
BUILD TIME: Four weeks


Infinity is a reimagination of the classic Quake 3 deathmatch map DM-17 using the Unreal Tournament 3 engine. The new version places the map atop a city block torn from its planetary surface and sucked into a wormhole. Additionally, new platforms, new jump pads and the use of UT3 weaponry changes the flow and the feel of the map without detracting from the original's exhilirating action.



After many years of playing DM-17 Quake 3, I found that major changes to the layout to the map would drastically alter the way the map played and felt-- much to its overall detriment. Instead, I found ways to improve areas where the flow seemed stifled, such as adding movement from the bottom platform to the third floor platform. I also wanted to encourage more combat on the highest point in the map--where the quad damage sits--by adding additional powerups and small side platforms to allow players to rain down fire from above. The new additions and the new art style make Infinity a familiar, but altogether new experience. The original design of the map included flying debris that interfered with player jump pad movement, however these additions proved too distracting to players and was subsequently cut in the final iteration.

GOAL 1: Expand movement and platform options to change the overall flow of the map

Illustrated in the pictures above are the two major changes to the map's flow.

The first picture shows two additional jump pads at the front of the level that send players to the third floor platforms. The original map featured little interaction between the bottom and top floors. Now, players on the bottom can move quickly to the top while exposing themselves to sniper fire and at the expense of missing the Rocket Launcher. Players spawning at the two new spawns at the front of the level (described in Goal 2) have easy access to the new jump pads

The second picture details the two new platforms at near the Quad Damage powerup on the top-most point of the map. The two platforms allow players to rain down fire on players below them, but also exposes them to fire from snipers. The original DM17 included a portal that lead to the second level platforms at the front of the map. Instead, a jump pad sends the player to the sniper platform. This allows for increased map flow to the sniper platform. Also, because the portal is now missing, capable snipers can pick off any players jumping up to the platform.

For an overall map layout comparison between the planned design to the final execution, click on the image below.

GOAL 2: Expand the map to handle 8-12 players (instead of 4-8 players)

Four new spawns were necessary to expand the map to encompass a larger number of players. The added movement options described in Goal 2 add sufficient enough areas to handle more players. Two spawns were added to the front of the map below the jump pad to the sniper spawn while another two were added to the rear of the bottom floor. These spawns give players just enough protection when spawning while still allowing them just enough mobility to go where they want to.

GOAL 3: Effectively represent a shattered city street in a wormhole

The map has been carefully strewn with floating debris to represent a torn apart city street. Above is a picture of the right-hand side of the map, a blown-out hotel with the walls surrounding the area. Other details such as traffic signs and lit street lamps add a surreal atmosphere to the level.